CSK Restaurant


We encourage youngsters who dream to be an entrepreneur to join us to open CSK restaurant  across the country. We look for individuals who are passionate and who can be part of our team to offer our consumers fresh, healthy and hygienic foods such as Juices, shakes, lassi, shawarma, kebab, sandwich,burger etc​

Know Your Franchise

CSK mobile truck franchise will be interesting for those who seek business in low capital. This is the best way to satisfy hunger when you’re on the run or far away from your home. People won’t refuse to relish a freshly prepared barbecue, shawarma or other drinks which we are specialized in.

The menu has been carefully selected to serve the customer quickly with quality & taste. CSK mobile truck is customized to satisfy all the necessities. The kitchen set up inside the truck is highly equipped and designed with high safety and workspace.

CSK mobile truck franchise gives entrepreneurs opportunities to improve their lives and to get high profits from it. CSK mobile truck works on minimum investment and easy setup and speedy returns. After setup, we help the franchisee to select the location and we ensure the returns from the very first month. We follow a 7/14/21 concept provided the location is finalized.

Our Process

Why CSK is the right option?

If your vision is high and if you aim of becoming a young entrepreneur and passionate about helping others live a healthy lifestyle and managing a growing business opportunity, then CSK may be the right choice for you.

If you are a salary dependent and if you can’t risk your salary online then CSK gives you a better option to start a business without quitting the job and with much ease. We set up with your investment and execute on your behalf and we update you on the status every day.

We make it possible with our hard-working team who are passionate and sincere about their work. Further, we make our franchisee feel safe with our transparent system and make them comfortable with the easy approach.


Apart from the quality and taste, the profit-making depends on several other factors such as location, nature of the crowd, etc. After lots of research and analysis, we will execute suitable locations (such as supermarkets, college roads, highly crowded junctions, etc) for the franchisee.

CSK offers a franchise of minimum investment and comparatively largest outturn. CSK franchisee earns approximately varying from 2k to 5k per day depending on the location.

In addition, during the process, you will have the opportunity to speak with CSK franchisors to share their experience and to answer all your queries. we assure you of substantial support through your entire tenure.

We Promise
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